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SQL Server Defaulting? No problem! We are providing solution for SQL data recovery.

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  • You receive the list of data, a report and a fixed estimate without obligation of validation
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SQL is the standard programming language for large databases. They are usually constructed from files containing indexes and others containing a record of all changes that have been made to the database, entered in the transaction log.

The major problems encountered by SQL servers:

SQL data recovery

  • Storage media failed, both a hard drive, a SAN, a NAS, etc.
  • File System Failure Making the Data Set Unreadable
  • Data accidentally deleted
  • Material Deficiency
  • Data is corrupted

The technician in charge of your free diagnosis will determine the exact cause of the failure and develop a detailed plan to retrieve and retrieve the data.

Following this diagnosis, you will be able to see clearly which data can be recovered and how much the recovery would be, if you wanted to continue the procedure. In order to benefit from our free diagnosis, please contact us by e-mail: info@uaetechnician.ae or by dialing 055 750 3724.

UAE Technician’s safe and systematic recovery process ensures maximum data recovery from your damaged / inaccessible databases:

  • Problem Analysis: UAE Technician Recovery professionals analyze the details of data loss situations and your recovery attempts to design the most appropriate recovery steps.
  • Cloning Hard Drives: We clone all hard drives received. We only perform data recovery operations on cloned disks to avoid damaging the source disks and the data stored in them.
  • Database Repair & Recovery: We use our in-house data recovery utilities to efficiently retrieve lost or inaccessible databases. Our recovery process is absolutely safe, and we guarantee a safe recovery of your valuable data.

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