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The HP repair of the broken HP laptop display usually costs with affordable price and takes about 3-4 business days.

Replacing a broken HP Sleekbook laptop screen or a cracked HP Pavilion screen is not difficult.

Since the panels installed by HP are usually standard goods,One only has to know which one has been used and the suitable replacement display or a compatible one.

There are of course different causes and effects why a HP laptop display may be defective:

* The screen is torn (the laptop has slipped out of the hand when folded)

* The laptop display is broken (The display cover has fallen slightly)

* The Display has stripes (The electronic control of a row or column is defective)

* The picture flickers (The display cable is faulty or the notebook display is defective)

* You see the contents but the screen remains dark (inverter defect, inverter cable, background lighting broken)

* The picture is completely white (control of the display defective)

If the HP Pavilion Notebook screen is not obviously defective, then must be checked beforehand which part of the display problem causes:

hp repair

  • * The display data cable or its connection plug to the mainboard / display itself
  • * The inverter, which generates the voltage for the background lighting
  • * The background lighting in the display itself
  • * The electronic control of the display
  • * The connection cable from the inverter to the mainboard
  • * The monitor output on the mainboard to connect the display
  • * The graphics card on the mainboard


If the backlight of the HP Pavilion notebook display is defective, one could replace the lamp itself.

The replacement of the defective background illumination in the HP display is however not quite without.

On the one hand you need almost clean room conditions so that no dust comes between the display layers, then the exactly matching tube and still small parts around the display again properly close.

You can find the expected costs for laptop display repairs in our display exchange price list. The prices stated there always refer to the laptop screen change we did in the past. Prices may vary slightly.

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