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Spring is the season of the year when, after the long winter, life revives and prepares you for the beautiful news that will bring the summer. Even our devices need to reborn PC Clean-up & Tune-up and a little fresh air every now and then, right?

In order for you to get maximum performance from your system, you will need to remove all those unnecessary programs you have accumulated over the months. Take advantage of your spring cleaning setup to make some order in your devices, which will return as new. What to do then?

Let’s see: ForĀ best PC Clean-up & Tune-up services

  • Delete programs you do not use: First of all, it would be a good thing to discard all those programs that are not being used a lot. If you have a Mac, just enter the Applications section and sort the programs by date; so at a glance you will know what you do not use frequently. On a PC, however, you must enter the Control Panel, then in Programs and filter for the installation date. You will then see the recently installed programs and, conversely, you can select the less used applications and uninstall them.
  • Update Frequently Used Programs: For greater protection and performance, it is very important to make sure that you have the latest version of your programs, including your browser and operating system. Some programs automatically update; otherwise, you will have to manually update them. Including your antivirus software.
  • Cleaning on your desktop: PC Clean-up & Tune-up – day after day, whenever you download anything on the desktop, you’ll find icons on icons. In fact, on the desktop, only a few programs should be left, since the presence of many icons slows down the system. So let’s take a look at the desktop and just leave the essential programs or documents. As far as the rest is concerned, delete the documents that you no longer need or create new folders in your system to place the files you want to keep.
  • Minimize programs launched automatically at system startup: it is very likely that more programs will be launched PC Clean-up & Tune-upautomatically when computer starts. This is an option that greatly slows down the computer boot time. If you want to make changes in this sense and have a PC, write ‘msconfig’ in the search bar that you just found clicking on Start; When you enter, in the General section, check the option to load only the peripherals and the basic services at startup. If you have a Mac, go into System Preferences, then in Users and Groups; Once you have selected your username, in Login Entries you decide which programs you want to open at startup. A tip that is valid for both systems: if you do not know what a program needs, do not turn it off, it might be important to start the device. However, there are some programs,
  • Delete the History: The next step is to clear download history, cache memory, and cookies from your browser. It should be borne in mind that most likely saved usernames and passwords will be lost, though some browsers will still save them. In any case, it is always good to do a radical cleaning. If you use Firefox, you can access the History menu from the main menu and then delete the data. A dialog box will open where you can choose from various options to delete the last time history to delete all data. Click on the last option. The procedure is similar for other common browsers.
  • Defragment your hard drive: With this Windows utility, you can increase the speed and efficiency of the system. For Windows 8, just look for ‘defrag’ between files; if you have previous systems, you have to go into ‘Program files’, then ‘Accessories’ and ‘System Tools’ or look for ‘defragmentation’ directly. We remind you that the defragmentation process is long enough, so we recommend that you start it before you go to sleep and leave the computer on. For Mac, a similar option is called ‘Disk Utility’.
  • Back up your files: One of the tips that we repeat is often to back up the most important files on an external hard drive or cloud. For the most precious files, we recommend that you have a hard disk dedicated to backup only, which you will only connect to the computer where the files are located. If you cannot or does not go about doing this, it would be useful to schedule periodic backups and to take the good habit of manually backing up important information.
  • Choose new passwords: If security is your priority, then it would be harmless to choose new passwords. It’s an operation that has to be done from time to time. Passwords should be as long as possible and complicated, they should include non-alphanumeric numbers and symbols and should not be composed of words that can be found on a vocabulary.
  • Do a “physical” cleaning of the computer: Since the computer is being used virtually every day, it is normal that dust, crumbs and dirt accumulate in time in general. We advise you, as a basic kit, to purchase a specially designed compressed-air spray can for PC Clean-up & Tune-up and a screen cloth.